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Emma "Moxey" Ransome, LMT

A massage with Moxey may be like no other, as she integrates

her daily art forms of study, exercise and contemplation

into the bodywork she brings to each session.

"I am floored by how much progress she made in just one session.

I am really looking forward to seeing what she can do with repeat

sessions because I will definitely be back to work on some more

of my trouble areas. After my first appointment with her, I believe

 it won't take nearly as many sessions as I had thought to get them

out.  Moxey is just that good." Kelly W.

Moxey's massage therapy sessions have been described

as deep, grounding, effective, specific and sincere.

She blends specialties of Myofascial Release, Cupping Therapy, Heat Therapy, Ashiatsu, Thai and Trigger Point Therapy,

however she also provides a stellar restorative massage

for those seeking a conscious catnap.


"A strong, intuitive presence. Strong hands. Delicate nature.

Listens to what you need and delivers." Don G.


Beyond bodywork, you may find Moxey dancing (anywhere), laughing (anytime), rock climbing, becoming a mobility specialist, going on long walks, eating dark chocolate

 and going to bed early.


"I have been receiving massage therapy for decades

and for me she rates in my top 5! I literally can't wait

until our next session!" Tiffani S.


Contact Moxey:


Emma "Moxey" Ransome, LMT

Better In Your Body, LLC



30 min   $60

  60 min   $120

  90 min   $180

120 min   $240

Prices are set at a flat rate.

Tipping is not necessary or expected.

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