Amy Myers, LMT, LMTI

I have been a licensed Massage Therapist since 2003, with training in Ashiatsu, Deep tissue, Hot stone,

Pre-natal, Swedish, and Thai massage.  I received my massage training at Mueller College of Holistic Massage Therapies, in sunny San Diego.  I studied Thai Yoga massage at Lotus Palm, in Montreal, and have taken several courses throughout Texas. 

I also have a BFA in Ballet and Modern Dance and

 a certified Yoga instructor, both of  which help me

to understand the working human body and its needs.


I believe that massage is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle.  Massage not only relaxes the muscles,

but eases the mind, and helps to create a sense of

well-being.  What we put into our bodies radiates

to the outside, and how we care for our external self radiates inward.


I gained a passion for the healing arts at a very young age.  My grandfather was an Osteopathic doctor

and I watched as he cured everything from his clumsy granddaughter’s sprained ankles to a world-renowned Soprano’s laryngitis,  all using just his hands.

  I knew that I wanted to emulate that “magic touch”

he possessed.  That, coupled with my passion

for dance led me to massage.  I love the idea of helping people heal themselves and massage lets me “dance” around the table; doing just that.


Aside from massage, I am also a professional Modern Dancer, enjoy daily runs with my dog, and love spending time in my garden.  I am also an avid triathlete and knitter.


I look forward to seeing you soon !

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