Kirsten "Stan" Kern, PhD, LMT, LMTI

Dr. Kern, known by her nickname "Stan," is a Clinical Massage Therapy Instructor and a certified Arvigo Maya Abdominal Therapy Practitioner and Self-Care Instructor (ATMAT).  She founded Texas Healing Arts Institute School of Massage (THAI) in 1997 and designed and taught the first Clinical Massage Therapy Program in Texas in 2005.  She has taught ATMAT Self-Care since 2006. Currently, she teaches continuing education workshops in advanced clinical techniques and Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy™.Before her massage career,

Dr. Kern taught at The University of Texas at Austin, Southwestern University,

and Rutgers University. During college, she studied biological sciences and worked with marine mammals in Newfoundland and Alaska. Dr. Kern is an interminable student, educator, and gardener. As a founding member of Play's the Thing, 

she works with children at Dell Children's Hospital doing improvisation and Shakespeare. Lately, she has taken up painting. As a member of community theatre, she has studied movement and bodywork for almost 30 years and this study has made her passionate about moving bodies out of pain.


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Why Clients come to see Dr. Kern:


Dr. Kern's bodywork is a unique blend of science-based knowledge, intuition, compassion, and humor.

Clients do not receive a typical relaxation massage; instead, they receive the work that releases the myofascial restrictions and Trigger Points causing discomfort and pain. 


 Maya Abdominal Massage is a therapy Dr. Kern uses to address digestive, reproductive, and spiritual challenges.


Dr. Kern's knowledge of musculoskeletal postural distortions and corrective techniques help her clients find the ease and comfort in their bodies that makes them feel whole again.