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Acupuncturists view the body differently than western physicians. Chinese medicine practitioners treat patients based on the theory
that life occurs as a result of the opposing forces of yin and yang.


Yin and Yang can be identified as night and day, cold and hot,

winter and summer, etc.  When these two polar opposites are in harmony, health is in balance.


Tools such as interviewing, pulse taking and tongue diagnoses help

to discover why these symptoms are occurring.


Appropriate acupuncture points are chosen and very fine, sterile needles are painlessly inserted into individual points on the body.

These points function to influence the Qi, blood and the yin in order

to restore balance to the body.




Herbs are often often prescribed in addition to acupuncture

to help restore balance. By treating the root cause of particular symptom herbs can help alleviate your symptoms, as well as assist the acupuncture therapy to restore harmony.


Creekside houses a completely stocked pharmacy to provide raw and powdered chinese herbs for patients. 



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